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Part 2, Harassment and Assault Prevention: Statistics & Personal Experiences

Part 2: Guest Expert Lauren Roselle stops by HR Latte to talk about the HR and workplace issues surrounding sexual harassment and assault. 

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HR Latte, episode 114

 Harassment and Assault Prevention 

“The Legal Definition: Unwanted sexual advances or visual, verbal, or physocal conduct that is of a sexual nature.” – Lauren Roselle

Harassment and Assault Prevention

Lauren Roselle is a nationally recognized expert in harassment and assault prevention, having led more than 1,000 workshops. Through her company Esteem, she has reached over 27,000 participants with her lively and enthusiastic teaching style. Lauren’s mission is to empower those around her to walk through the world with less fear and more confidence.

Lauren and Rayanne continue their discussion about sexual harassment issues in the news today and Rayanne shares a personal story of being drugged while on a business trip and how she handled that.


Ms. Roselle is offering a discount to listeners who would like to participate in her sexual harassment prevention training, please visit this link at Esteem Communication.

Discussion Points for this episode, Part 2:

  • Harassment and Assault Prevention
  • Official Stat: 1 in 3 Women have experienced Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
  • Informal Poll: 95 out of 100 women and 1 out of 2 men have experienced Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
  • The Elephant in the Valley
  • The Story at Uber
  • “This not acceptable behavior”
  • Any workplace that is male-dominated, sexual harassment can be an issue
  • The media’s attention on this issue has created an opportunity for victims to speak out
  • Harassers don’t just do it once, to only one person
  • Rayanne shares a personal experience where she was drugged by what should have been a trusted service provider while on a business trip
  • The victim of sexual harassment or drugging is NOT at fault

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Part 2, Harassment and Assault Prevention – Statistics & Personal Experiences
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