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HR Latte: Announces Momentum Raise of $4.2M

HR Latte, episode #127 [39 min 57 sec] Execs Share Some Amazing News! Co-Founder and CEO Prem Kumar sits down with Rayanne to share the exciting news that his company successfully completed a $4.2M Momentum Raise. The Future of Recruiting looks a brighter!

Joining Rayanne on this episode of HR Latte

What we talk about: 

  • $4.2M Investment
  • The Future of Recruiting
  • The Impact of Conversational AI and Technology on the Hiring Process
  • Humanly Moments
  • Today’s Challenges for Recruiters and Job Seekers

Learn more about Humanly here


The world of recruiting is changing rapidly. We know automation is part of the equation — and yet it’s not enough. This is why we believe direct candidate conversations are the gateway to measure candidate quality and drive better hiring efficiencies.’s conversational AI for recruiting is where automation and people work seamlessly together to help organizations surface the most qualified, diverse applicant pool at scale.

For two consecutive years, Humanly has been ranked as one of the best AI recruiting tools and HR chatbots. Co-headquartered in Seattle, WA, and Sacramento, CA, is backed by leading investors such as Zeal Capital Partners, Spark Growth Ventures, Moneta Ventures, Basecamp Fund, Growth Factory Capital, and Y Combinator. For additional information, please visit us at, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

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