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HR Latte: 100+ Days of Unemployment and COVID

HR Latte, episode #126 [30 min 55 sec]

Rayanne Chats with Stephen Reifenstein about Job Loss during COVID.

Stephen Reifenstein open for work


A little more about Stephen Reifenstein:

– Project Controls Analyst and Management
– Project Accountant
– Loan Contracts
– Husband and Father
– Loss of Local Theater Involvement as a Director & Actor


Rayanne & Stephen discuss these points:

  • Stephen’s background and work history
  • Losing his job in the time of COVID-19
  • Managing expenses and a house payment on Unemployment
  • 100 Days of Unemployment – Stephen’s post he wrote on LinkedIn
  • Does ageism have anything to do with his current situation?
  • Anxiety and What’s Helped Him

Stephen is coming up on 175 Days of Unemployment. He is not alone.

You can reach out to Stephen on LinkedIn here:

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