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The Inside Beat – Premiere Episode, an Optum Podcast

Last updated on June 10, 2020

The Inside Beat – an Optum Podcast

Episode No. 1 – [ 16 min 4 sec ]

“The heartbeat of any great organization is its people.”

Welcome to The Inside Beat – an Optum Podcast sharing team member stories and what it’s like to work at Optum.

Episode Description

Rayanne Thorn

Amar Desai, MD, MPHPresident and CEO of Optum California

Michelle Li, PhDDirector of Workforce Planning, Optum California

Episode Highlights

“Value-based care is really a notion of thinking about the overall care, both from the perspective of quality, the quality of care that a patient receives in terms of clinical outcomes, but also cost and affordability. Making sure you’re delivering that high quality care at the best cost possible so that the overall care is sustainable for the system and affordable to the patient.” – Amar Desai, MD, MPH

“We have a fantastic top performing, very diverse and highly interdisciplinary team of workforce here at Optum. And so my team is working on various different initiatives to showcase our team to the public, not just about their professional achievements and more importantly, to show the human side of them, their lives outside of Optum and their lives as a part of the community that they love and serve. And that’s when The Inside Beat podcast was born.” – Michelle Li, PhD

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*Healthcare Partners is now part of Optum Care

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