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HR Latte: on the Road!

HR Latte Hits the Road to Catch on the Road [14 min]

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HR Latte, episode 109

Deb McGrath, Owner/Entrepreneur – is the largest online destination for HR professionals, we focus on making HR Executives Smarter by
1) Connecting 1M plus HR executives with collaboration, training, certification , community, social, and best practices
2) Certification and Training programs supporting HRCI & SHRM
3) Our educational events – over 4000 webcasts, 80 virtual events and LEAD the world’s largest leadership events focused on inspiring the world.
4) “Ask the Expert” Services and our e-mentoring solution

HR.comDeb joins Rayanne during the middle of the Bus road trip for a lovely Laguna Beach sunset  – they kicked off the 5-week road trip on May 21st – in prep for the year-long road trip in 2018. Learning the tricks to a successful road trip and spotlight HR professionals around North America.

“We are really trying to help the average HR person get smarter. We are building a large repository of content -with over 4000 courses. The HR process has become so complicated, we are building courses and materials to help.” – Deb McGrath, Owner –

To learn more about, visit their website and follow their social channels.

What you will learn:

  • What does think about the push toward A.I?
  • Bringing Humanity back to HR
  • The Re-Branding of
  • Helping HR get smarter
  • HR Tech World Congress
  • Great Swag – Snarky HR Stickers!
  • Prepping for the 2018 year-long road trip

You can connect with Deb McGrath on LinkedIn and email her at:

On Twitter

and @HRLatte

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HRLatte is made possible by:

Dovetail Software logoDovetail Software delivers web-based solutions & help desk programs that enable organizations to reduce administrative & support costs, diagnose & resolve complex business problems, and increase efficiency, while improving support.

Rayanne loves hosting talk radio and continues to hone this craft in every way possible by creating and hosting several educational and promotional radio shows, hosting & moderating webinars and podcasts, as well as a featured host on

For more information about how you can use online radio or podcasting to educate your target audience or customer, compliment your marketing efforts, and grow your brand recognition, feel free to message Rayanne on Twitter, LinkedIn, or via email at

Rayanne Krueger

Rayanne Krueger

Strategist / CSO / CMO at Never Enough Media
Rayanne Krueger

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