Jeanne Achille: #HRTech Pre-Conference Chat

HR Tech Pre-Conference CHATS: Guest Jeanne Achille joins Rayanne for this #KeyPointPodcast 
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HR Latte, episode 98

 Pre-HR Tech

jeanne achilleJeanne Achille, Founder and CEO of The Devon Group, joined Rayanne on this special edition of HR Latte, a pre-conference conversation for HR Tech.  Jeanne has managed the PR and analyst briefings for many years — doing pre-show publicity and onsite press operations.

“When you were a kid, did you say, ‘I wanna go into HR Tech…’ It has been a terrific journey. Part of it has been proactive, but some of it certainly has been reactive.” – Jeanne Achille

Women in HR Technology

Check out the pre-conference session at HR Tech: Women in HR Technology of which Jeanne is a part. You won’t want to miss this first-of-its-kind Event to Highlight the CHROs and Business Leaders Breaking New Ground for Women in Technology Leadership.

“In the traditionally male-dominated technology industry, there are many successful women leaders introducing new ideas, developing transformative solutions and leading their companies to success,” said HR Tech Conference co-chair, Steve Boese. “We are proud to hold this long overdue ‘Women in HR Technology’ event, which will not only showcase more than 15 of the most successful women changing the industry, but also provide new insights for how other women can create their own professional roadmaps.”

More about the services provided by The Devon Group: founded in 1994 by CEO Jeanne Achille, The Devon Group designs and delivers measurable awareness and sales acceleration public relations programs that enable organizations to build credibility for products, services and ventures, generate qualified sales leads, and stake claims to new markets.

Discussion Points for this episode:

  • The Devon Group
  • Vendor Briefings with Analysts
  • What is a Vendor Briefing?
  • The Continual Prep required for Conference Success
  • The Talent Acquisition Technology Conference
  • Surprises/Antics in the HR Tech Briefing Room
  • Advice for Conference: Plan Ahead!

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One thought on “Jeanne Achille: #HRTech Pre-Conference Chat”

  1. Jeanne is great and I too was floored about the need for security in the press room! Wow, dog-eat-dog society… chill out people!

    Greatest takeaway which is something I do intuitively was Plan Ahead for the HR Tech show. Absolutely agree.

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