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Stephen Lynn: The Heart of HR Technology is Still the People

CEO Stephen Lynn, “We think about data security all day long.”

Stephen Lynn, Chief Executive Officer – Dovetail Software

Stephen Lynn
“We (at Dovetail) have people who live and breathe thinking about security. What we do at the core is storing, transmitting customer / employee data. So that is what we have to live and breathe and think about.” – Stephen Lynn

Check out this great interview and learn what’s on Stephen’s mind:

On Employee Happiness: “What drives development of HR software. The heart of it is still people. Most CEOs will tell you that their biggest assets are their people. But do they walk the talk – do their actions follow their words? You will find lots of companies, CEOs, and senior management who will talk about the wellness or the importance of their people or the happiness of their people. But how many actually concentrate or focus on that – and what is the impact of that? .” – Stephen Lynn

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Rayanne Krueger

Rayanne Krueger

Strategist / CSO / CMO at Never Enough Media
Rayanne Krueger

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