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Episode Seven – The Leadership Journey Never Ends

Welcome to Episode Seven of The Realities of Leadership: The Leadership Journey Never Ends!

Discussion guide from The Realities of Leadership, Episode Seven:

1. Today’s leaders MUST be lifetime learners (open, vulnerable, curious, growth mindset). It’s very exciting to work FOR a lifetime learner.

2. Lifetime leaders always think their best leadership day is…tomorrow!

3. The leadership journey never ends, but it does change and evolve over time.

4. What do you say to the leader who claims not to have time for this continuous learning?

5. Leaders want to be scanning the environment to look for new things to learn, try, and integrate. We expect them to be current on trends, new technologies, new ideas, etc.

6. Risk-taking and affecting change never end of the modern business leader.

7. Throughout this entire series and all five seasons, we’ve talked about having to be a consciously competent leader. You might achieve that, but you can also lose that distinction if you don’t do the work.

8. What happens if you are an overzealous leader?

9. If you acknowledge that the leadership journey never ends, how do you keep it going?
a. Be in a constant state of anticipation.
b. Always be in a state of creation.
c. Keep facilitation moving forward.

10. The constant work of maintaining credibility and trust.

11. Are you mentoring? Are you teaching? Are you volunteering?

12. How do you encourage the whole of your leadership team to become lifetime learners?

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Erica Peitler, intrepidNOW

About our host, Erica Peitler:

Erica is a Leadership Performance Coach who courageously partners with individuals, teams and organizations who want to realize their visions of success by transforming their leadership potential into visible, on the ground, breakthrough leadership performance!

With an engaging, provocative and straight forward approach, Erica inspires leaders to reach beyond their comfort level as they pursue becoming the performance based leaders they aspire to be in both their professional and personal life.

As a keynote speaker and author, Erica educates, entertains and enlightens audiences on leadership, transformational change and professional/personal growth initiatives.

Find Erica Peitler’s book here:

The essence of Leadership Rigor is creating change-ready leaders who can embrace challenges because they have the tools, models, and language to assess, structure, and facilitate aligned actions. They also have the mindset and emotional skills to lean into the change process despite its uncomfortable nature. By innovating on their preparedness first, these change-ready leaders are equipped to realize the growth in themselves and in their teams or organizations. Are you ready to take on your personal journey of Leadership Rigor?

Series co-host Todd Schnick is the Editor-In-Chief of intrepid.MEDIA and a media and content strategist. A former marketing strategist, lobbyist, and national political operative, Todd now lives and works in the Chicago Loop with his family. He is a writer, foodie, bibliophile, distance runner, and nearly full-time dog mom.

This series recorded LIVE from our Merchandise Mart studios in Chicago, Illinois! (Click on photo below for history of our studios!)



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