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Kane Frisby, “By HR, For HR”

Kane Frisby, “Using HR Data to Serve the Whole Organization”

Kane Frisby, Chief Strategy Officer – Dovetail Software

“The majority of HR teams are probably running unhealthy and getting fit takes a bit of effort. We like to help HR departments run themselves and we keep our product up-to-date.” – Kane Frisby

Check out this great interview and learn what’s on Kane’s mind:

On Getting HR Fit: “If you are running on-premise software or are still using post-it notes and spread sheets, there are products out there for you, like Dovetail to help you get HR fit. You are probably running unfit software, take a good look out there.” – Kane Frisby

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Rayanne Krueger

Rayanne Krueger

Strategist / CSO / CMO at Never Enough Media
Rayanne Krueger

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