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Ben Gotkin and the Launch of ATAP – The Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals

Last updated on November 1, 2016

Guest Ben Gotkin joins Rayanne to chat about the launch of ATAP, The Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals

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Ben Gotkin, has been in recruiting his entire career – starting fresh out of college. For the past four years, has been a consultant and trainer with Recruiting Toolbox.  A volunteer at heart, Ben has seen the value of collaborative learning through out his career; Ben started RecruitDC in 2009 and it has grown a great deal.  He met Gerry Crispin, Lifelong Student of Recruiting, back in 2002. Gerry and Ben recently partnered to strategize, build, and launch The Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals.

The mission of ATAP to represent the interests of Talent Acquisition Professionals at every level worldwide.

“I said to Gerry, Hey — all the stuff we are doing locally is great, I’m really thrilled with what we’ve got off the ground in DC  but to really solve the issues, the challenges we face in this profession, what are some of the things we could potentially do to really impact that? – Ben Gotkin

How ATAP Came to Be:

  • The formation of working committees to define what the organization should be what the foundation should look like
  • A Review Board who vetted and debated what the committees came back with
  • Hard Launch in early 2017
  • Formation of  Board of Directors

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How to Join the Organization:

  • Establishing Board of Directors with a Passion for Talent Acquisition
  • Charter Membership
  • General Membership

It feels like recruiters have grown up, in a way…

“Agency recruiters have been around forever. Corporate Recruiting has really exploded within the last 20 years. Specialities within the recruiting profession have started to emerge in the past dozen years or so: sourcers,  employment branding specialists, outsourced organization: RPOs. In a lot of ways, we are in our teenage years, in terms of where the profession is going. All of this has happened by necessity.” – Ben Gotkin

Tune in to find about what’s going on with the soft launch of the Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals and the future of the organization

The Future of ATAP

  • Ethics & Advocacy
  • Education – building a common body of knowledge
  • Building Standards with Common Training
  • Organizational Growth

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