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B2B Marketing for “Dovetail Clarify”

Last updated on April 26, 2024

Update and Modernize Your Clarify Environment

Dovetail has a total system approach to update and modernize Clarify and addresses all aspects of the system, from the user interface and its customization framework to the backend server applications and security.

It is possible to completely overhaul your whole system or just as easily solve one or two particular issues.

What our solution does is allows organizations to infuse current technologies with new life – an updated and modernized system by expanded methods of deployment, increased functionality, simplified customization and administration, as well as this: lower costs. <-  Who doesn’t want that?


Dovetail offers a completely independent framework for accessing Clarify data through the web.  This framework can be used to replace your existing access points to Clarify such as the classic client, eSupport, and smart client or it can be deployed in parallel to them. Clear and comprehensive benefits are improved usability, a simpler architecture, simpler customization, and lower overhead.


Dovetail products and services enable the creation of reliable and universal links between your CRM and other enterprise applications. Built with change and maintainability in mind, they can be updated quickly and inexpensively, adding more flexibility to how you support changing business requirements.


Dovetail offers a full suite of replacements for backend Clarify applications: Rule Manager, Email Clerk, and dataex.

Our team has carefully rethought each one of these replacements with respect to how their core functions fit in today’s IT environments and created our own improved versions, each with improved reliability and feature sets. These products also lay the groundwork to greater flexibility in how you manage your infrastructure upgrades. They offer much broader database and OS version support so you will no longer be forced to upgrade your CRM system in order to upgrade its database.


A key design criteria is to allow customization in a way that keeps the upgrade process as simple as possible. Our use of contemporary technology, design, and development methodologies reduces the overhead of maintaining customized systems, making them easier to learn, change, and troubleshoot.


The net result of Dovetail’s approach is receiving all the benefits of implementing a new enterprise CRM system without disrupting your business, at a fraction of the cost, and in a fraction of the time.


  • Agility: A Dovetail CRM system can rapidly change to address new business challenges while keeping both short and long-term costs in check.
  • Modern User Interface: The clean and efficient UI will boost user productivity and lower training costs – allowing customers to enjoy better support.
  • Phased Deployment: Our web client is 100% compatible with all versions of Clarify and can be deployed in parallel with the standard Clarify clients. Additionally, you can roll Dovetail’s client out one business group at a time, lowering risk and minimizing potential disruption.
  • Smaller Scope: Since your data and back-end interfaces can remain in place, set up is much quicker and simpler than migrating to other CRM platforms.

Originally posted to the Dovetail Website March 7, 2918

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