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Game Changer 01: The Always Forward Mindset and Philosophy

Welcome to Episode 01 of Be A Game Changer: The Always Forward Mindset and Philosophy! Take action to win the game of business and life! A series that provides the light, the path, and your map to a better future!

Discussion guide from Episode 01: Always Forward:

1. What does it even mean to be a game changer? “Nothing can happen without taking an action…”

2. A game changer influences an outcome.

3. Most people aren’t engaged enough in their own lives (or careers) to be game changers. “Most are observers, not participants in life…”

4. Game changers thrive on pressure.

5. Bill provides an overview of what is meant by ALWAYS FORWARD.

6. Most think they are moving forward, but most really are not. How do you know?

7. Taking action removes fear, which is what holds back most people.

8. You will have setbacks. Game changers accept that, but keep moving forward.

9. We discuss mentorship, which is critical to helping you become a game changer.

Always Forward10. Mentors hold you accountable, but they teach you how to move forward, and what roadblocks to pay attention to.

11. “Walking through the grass barefoot…”

12. Understanding your message to drive forward, taking intelligent risk.

13. Knowing what will happen when you cross your Rubicon, and when you do, your life will never be the same. And the only way to be a game changer.

14. You have to know what price you are willing to pay to achieve what you want to achieve.

15. Be careful about what you want, because you just might get it.

16. If you aren’t moving forward, you will atrophy.

17. How do you find out what your Rubicon will be? Too many people don’t know.

18. You do have to find YOUR voice.

19. You will feel insecurity, but therein lies your opportunity to go always forward. It can be a learning moment, a part of growth.

20. The importance of continuous learning. Game changers are always learning, always expanding their thinking. And sometimes you have to learn how to learn…

21. But don’t fall on always learning and NEVER taking action or a step forward.

22. How do you know what your next step is? Forward motion is critical, but many don’t know where to go…

23. “You have to think next…”

About the co-host, Bill Wooditch:

Always ForwardBill is a keynote speaker and peak-performance business training coach. He is a mentor and advocate for those who actively seek and are determined to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others.

He began his career with $200 to his name, a suitcase, one corduroy suit and two ties. Retreat wasn’t an option; there was only one way – Always Forward! His purpose, energy and conviction fueled his meteoric sales success. In two years, he “found a way and made a way” to become the top salesperson at Liberty Mutual – a company employing over 19,000 people at the time. Ready for the “next challenge”, he was recruited by and joined the 6th largest broker in the world, Corroon & Black (currently the Willis Group), where, for two consecutive years, he earned the distinction as the top producer in the company.

Today, he is the founder, CEO, and president of The Wooditch Group, a privately held risk management and insurance services firm. The Wooditch Group provides client-centric solutions and comprehensive risk management programs for domestic and international clients whose revenues range from $10 million to over $3 billion. He is also the founder of Think Next, Act Now!, a company that trains and mentors tomorrow’s entrepreneur today.

He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at Purdue University and his Master’s degree in Public Administration at Penn State.


You can find Bill’s book here:


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stamped logo“Think Next, Act Now” is an entrepreneurial movement. It is a teaching platform, a coaching forum that emphasizes action, and the link between thought and action makes a difference in the outcome you determine or the result that is determined for you.

When you see, seize, and create opportunity for yourself, you take a BIG step toward becoming recession proof, and changing your life.

If you are determined to make a change in your life — “Think Next, Act Now” will provide the essential toolkit to move your life forward!

Only realized potential cashes the check of reality! Now is the time to realize your potential – Think Next, Act Now and go “Always Forward!”

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