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How to achieve better results on social media, at least for me

Last updated on January 6, 2018

To achieve better results on social media, I’m changing my approach to how I spend my time there. Effective immediately.

I’m fed up with the nastiness. I’m fed up with the near constant negativity. I’m fed up with people using the platforms to complain about everything, and I mean everything. And I am really fed up with people who instigate combative debate just for the opportunity to tear people down and pick a fight, or to say something mean, just because they can.

I’m not innocent in this.

Online, I’ve complained about the media. I’ve complained about Hollywood. I’ve whined to airlines and the TSA when I have travel issues. And I’ve certainly offered my opinions and frustrations on politics.

But I’m done with that. And frankly, no one is listening anyway. They’re too busy complaining or tearing down. Too busy trying to shout louder than their (perceived) rival on the other side. And honestly, my bitching accomplishes little, other than to give a few unhappy people the chance to hit me right back, and me the phony satisfaction that I’ve gotten something off my chest.

What am I focusing on instead? My life in Chicago: my wife, my nutty dogs, my foodie adventures with Stephanie, my local experiences living in our beloved city, and of course, my ups and downs with training for the Chicago marathon.

In other words, I am going positive.

That’s what I’m personally doing. In the end, you will observe some of my life, or you won’t. And if you don’t, so be it. I know you have your own life to live.

Life is short. Life is precious. I am happy. And I’m going to celebrate it – I am no longer surrounding myself with negative.

And of course I will continue to share the work of my little media company: telling the stories of the people and organizations teaching us to be better at business, practicing our humanity, and improving our lifestyle design.

In terms of the social platforms themselves, here’s where I stand:

FACEBOOK. I’m hardly active there anymore. Too many people complaining 24/7. And it’s all memes now. Or the results of silly games to see what your Christmas Elf name should be, or what foreign country is truly right for you. Not judging if this kind of stuff is interesting and fun to you, or worth your valuable time. It isn’t to me.

I’ll see you around the FB neighborhood from time to time, but not often. There are still people here that I care about and will look in upon from time to time.

TWITTER. Becoming increasingly irrelevant to me. Why? Because unless you are Donald Trump or some big celebrity, no one is paying attention to you anymore. Shame the platform evolved that way. Just a PR tool for celebs. And frankly, half of them are paid to do it anyway.

Yes, I met my wife on Twitter. Probably the only reason I’ve stuck around this long. I sometimes wonder if Stephanie and I would have even connected on Twitter if the year was 2017, instead of 2009.

INSTAGRAM. This is my new home on the social web. This is where I can best tell my story and chronicle my life. This is where I can best observe and engage with others trying to do interesting things with their lives. Here on this platform I can still be inspired by others, and that’s what I value most. Things seem simpler and less complicated. Find me on Instagram here!

Oh sure, there are negative and nasty nabobs on Instagram too. But much, much easier to ignore them here.

And, if I am being honest, most of what I share to Facebook is fed through Instagram in the first place…

TO RECAP: I’m done with negative people on social media, and I’m committed to stop being negative on social media.

I’m done with spending time on platforms only housed with unhappy people who complain all the time, and will spend my time on platforms where I can still find inspiration.

Normally I’d ask you to join me in this new approach, but I’m not going to this time. Use social media however you want to. It’s up to you. Far be it from me to preach that my way is the only way. It’s only my way.

My new approach will free up my time to do and focus on things that matter to me. It will make me less angry, less bitter, and more celebratory of the good stuff in my life that I’ve been too blind and distracted to see.


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