Sample letter to a potential media sponsor

Here is a sample letter that you can use to craft an outreach communication to a potential sponsor of your show.

Dear Potential Sponsor:

This is to inform you that we (the host of the industry event) will be contracting with intrepid.MEDIA to broadcast LIVE media from our event.

On this show, we intend to interview representatives from your organization to give you an opportunity to showcase thought leaders, new products, new services, and highlight your capabilities. This is content you can use, long after the event, and integrate into your own sales and marketing campaigns.

Also, we intend to interview and showcase various keynote speakers, panel leaders and panelists, as well as other industry thought leaders and influencers.

This is content you can leverage on your social media channels as well on your own digital platform.

We intend to promote all of this content on our website, to our mailing list, as well as intense distribution through our social media channels. We also might transcribe some of the content for long-term use.

Sponsor recognition will be prevalent. Embedded into the formal show intro, host banter (about whatever you want them to discuss), commercials, as well as mentions in all show notes.

History demonstrates that many of the guests will promote their own personal interview, which further spreads mentions of you, the sponsor.

We appreciate your consideration, and look forward to have you sponsor (insert name of radio show).


Event host.