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Scot Sessions: Marketing Talent Acceleration

Marketing HireVue: Scot Sessions

Scot Sessions, Sr. Marketing Director at HireVue, talks about their Talent Acceleration Platform: data, assessments, and coaching.

“Accelerate the build process of talent and then develop those new hires as quickly as possible.”

Check out this great interview and learn what’s on Scot’s mind:

  • Building your teams
  • Developing your teams
  • Understanding a resume as “data”
  • Video Interviewing > Digital Interviewing
  • The HireVue Culture
  • Marriage between Talent and Learning & Development
  • The Gig Economy?
  • TalentSummit.io – a totally digital conference!

“We have an ‘Attritvutes Wall’ – where we identify the qualities we want in a teammate. Act like an owner. Another? always put the customer first.” – Scot Sessions

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HR Latte: Digital Disruption – HireVue’s User Conference

Guest Scot Sessions, Sr. Marketing Director at HireVue
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HR Latte, episode 87

Series: Digital Disruption

HireVue kicks off its 3rd Annual User Conference Digital Disruption today. In this Quick Hit Podcast, Scot Sessions, Senior Marketing Director of HireVue, talks about this fabulous opportunity for HireVue to connect with its users, company growth, and the impact developing a user conference.

HR Latte launches this new series to discuss how digital has changed the human side of our work, and how it will continue evolve.

HireVue will be LiveStreaming various Digital Disruption sessions throughout the conference, check out http://www.hirevuedisruption.com/ for more details and follow the hashtag #VueDD16 for details.

Discussion Points for this episode:

  • How the Digital Disruption User Conference came about
  • The Evolution of Marketing
  • What to Expect this Year
  • Live-Stream
  • #VueDD16

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