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Bill Kutik on intrepidHR at HR Tech

HR Tech Industry Icon: Bill Kutik

Bill Kutik stopped by intrepidHR at the HR Tech conference in Chicago recently and shared his insights and expertise. What keeps Bill invigorated?

“These are the people who know the most about a field Ive been heavily involved in for the 27years. You just don’t give that up in a flash. You play the edges of it, so I’ve found good edges to play, and it’s worked out quite well.”

Check out this great interview and learn the latest and greatest on Bill’s mind:

  • HR Technology today
  • The HR Tech panel with Naomi Lee Bloom, and Brian Sommer
  • What Bill envisioned when he launched HR Tech
  • The “Town Meeting of this Industry”
  • “Technorati” of HR Tech
  • Firing Line with Bill Kutik – Bill’s show on YouTube – check it out!
  • 65% of HR Tech attendees are 1st time attendees

“I could not be prouder than any godfather, father, or grandfather of what this event has turned into.” – Bill Kutik

Thanks Bill!