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Mike Rude: The Future of HR

Mike Rude: SVP & CHRO at Option Care

Mike Rude, Senior Vice Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer at Option Care, talks about his work, the work that Option Care does, and the future of HR.

“The future of HR and the role that technology, in particular business analytics, will likely play in the human resources space over the next few years…, There’s so much data out there – what is the most relevant information and what are the relevant metrics – what are things that really have meaning to business outcomes – not just ‘things that can be measured’.  I’m not sure anyone has the silver bullet on the ideal set of business analytics.” 

Check out this great interview and learn what’s on Mike’s mind:

  • The Futue of HR and the role of Tech in that Future
  • The Value Proposition to Your Customers
  • Measuring the Right Analytics
  • Revenue per Employee?
  • How is it different in Healthcare HR?
  • The constant changes in Healthcare, and the influences those changes have
  • Progress – will we see it?

“There are still the basics you need to deliver, these is still the transactional aspect of  employing people that you still have to deal with on a day in and day out basis. You still have to pay people, you still have to get that right…  I do think millennials will push the envelope and force companies to think very differently about you attract and keep people.” – Mike Rude

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Scot Sessions: Marketing Talent Acceleration

Marketing HireVue: Scot Sessions

Scot Sessions, Sr. Marketing Director at HireVue, talks about their Talent Acceleration Platform: data, assessments, and coaching.

“Accelerate the build process of talent and then develop those new hires as quickly as possible.”

Check out this great interview and learn what’s on Scot’s mind:

  • Building your teams
  • Developing your teams
  • Understanding a resume as “data”
  • Video Interviewing > Digital Interviewing
  • The HireVue Culture
  • Marriage between Talent and Learning & Development
  • The Gig Economy?
  • TalentSummit.io – a totally digital conference!

“We have an ‘Attritvutes Wall’ – where we identify the qualities we want in a teammate. Act like an owner. Another? always put the customer first.” – Scot Sessions

**For more interviews from our live #HRTechConf coverage, click here. Our goal is to bring you the brightest and most talented individuals in HR and those who develop, market & sell  technologies which benefit and support HR processes & practices.


Bill Kutik on intrepidHR at HR Tech

HR Tech Industry Icon: Bill Kutik

Bill Kutik stopped by intrepidHR at the HR Tech conference in Chicago recently and shared his insights and expertise. What keeps Bill invigorated?

“These are the people who know the most about a field Ive been heavily involved in for the 27years. You just don’t give that up in a flash. You play the edges of it, so I’ve found good edges to play, and it’s worked out quite well.”

Check out this great interview and learn the latest and greatest on Bill’s mind:

  • HR Technology today
  • The HR Tech panel with Naomi Lee Bloom, and Brian Sommer
  • What Bill envisioned when he launched HR Tech
  • The “Town Meeting of this Industry”
  • “Technorati” of HR Tech
  • Firing Line with Bill Kutik – Bill’s show on YouTube – check it out!
  • 65% of HR Tech attendees are 1st time attendees

“I could not be prouder than any godfather, father, or grandfather of what this event has turned into.” – Bill Kutik

Thanks Bill!


Jeanne Achille: #HRTech Pre-Conference Chat

HR Tech Pre-Conference CHATS: Guest Jeanne Achille joins Rayanne for this #KeyPointPodcast 
iHR logo

HR Latte, episode 98

 Pre-HR Tech

jeanne achilleJeanne Achille, Founder and CEO of The Devon Group, joined Rayanne on this special edition of HR Latte, a pre-conference conversation for HR Tech.  Jeanne has managed the PR and analyst briefings for many years — doing pre-show publicity and onsite press operations.

“When you were a kid, did you say, ‘I wanna go into HR Tech…’ It has been a terrific journey. Part of it has been proactive, but some of it certainly has been reactive.” – Jeanne Achille

Women in HR Technology

Check out the pre-conference session at HR Tech: Women in HR Technology of which Jeanne is a part. You won’t want to miss this first-of-its-kind Event to Highlight the CHROs and Business Leaders Breaking New Ground for Women in Technology Leadership.

“In the traditionally male-dominated technology industry, there are many successful women leaders introducing new ideas, developing transformative solutions and leading their companies to success,” said HR Tech Conference co-chair, Steve Boese. “We are proud to hold this long overdue ‘Women in HR Technology’ event, which will not only showcase more than 15 of the most successful women changing the industry, but also provide new insights for how other women can create their own professional roadmaps.”

More about the services provided by The Devon Group: founded in 1994 by CEO Jeanne Achille, The Devon Group designs and delivers measurable awareness and sales acceleration public relations programs that enable organizations to build credibility for products, services and ventures, generate qualified sales leads, and stake claims to new markets.

Discussion Points for this episode:

  • The Devon Group
  • Vendor Briefings with Analysts
  • What is a Vendor Briefing?
  • The Continual Prep required for Conference Success
  • The Talent Acquisition Technology Conference
  • Surprises/Antics in the HR Tech Briefing Room
  • Advice for Conference: Plan Ahead!

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