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Facing Life’s Battles

Do You Need to be Strong or Fast to Win Life’s Battles?

The whole of my life, I have sought to win; I have worked toward success in one way or another – whether it was the simple purchase of a lottery ticket or getting in a pickle between 2nd and 3rd base.

Why is Winning so Important?

We want recognition. We want accomplishment. We want to be successful. I remember hating the game Monopoly, when I was younger. I have a brother who was insanely competitive – he still is – who won almost every game. It drove me mad, but not because he won, but rather because I lost.
Some of us are better at losing than others. Perhaps, I win at losing.

No, I think it is deeper than that. I want to be relevant – and winners are relevant. Winners win. Winners finish first. Their home-baked cookies are the best. They walk away with awards. They hear applause often.

They are happy – is that it? Are winners happier than those of us who merely strive but fail?


It seems simple. Isn’t relevance what we all want? Aren’t we all just looking for a smile or a cheer, a pat on the back, a “good job” or “atta boy”, a raise in our pay? Is that relevance? Or is that acceptance?
Perhaps we just want to know that we and what we contribute are valued.

State of Mind 

I purchased my first scratch-off lottery ticket when I was 26 years old. I had gone to the local mall with a friend on my lunch hour. I was a mom of two at the time and money was tight, but I had an extra buck in my pocket and thought, “What the heck?” That very first scratcher was $100 winner. I was shocked, surprised, but most of all – happy – I could afford diapers that week.

Just one year earlier, while practicing with my league softball team very early one Saturday morning, I found myself in a pickle. I had just landed the shortstop position. I had an insane arm – that could be a little wild. But I was honing my ability in lengthy practices and found myself in a very good place: playing shortstop with a #1 team with a .822 personal batting average. Until the pickle.

Some guys were waiting to use the field and decided to challenge us “girls” to a quick pick-up game. We, of course, accepted the challenge. I hit a double to deep right and found myself rounding 2nd. Mistakenly, I thought there had been an overthrow, but really – the throw had been to 3rd base, and square in front of me stood a waiting, gnarling 3rd baseman, holding said ball. I screamed and turned, only to find the ball now at 2nd base. Turning again, my cleat caught and my body went one way, while my foot and lower leg stayed planted. A loud pop could be heard. That pop was the ACL in my right leg snapping in half.

I continued to play for several more years, but I lost my position, my batting average dropped, and eventually left the sport, after six knee surgeries.

Win or Lose

I could have continued to buy lottery tickets, hoping for another winner. I could have curled up in ball and never struck out again. But I didn’t do either. My battle continued, on different fields.

Bruce Lee said, “Defeat is a state of mind. No one is ever really defeated until defeat has been accepted as reality. “ And that dude? He never stopped kicking, never stopped fighting.

Life can Kick You in the Teeth

And it often does. But what are you going to do? Let it or dodge the punches and turn the other cheek? I wish it were easy – trust me – every single morning, I wish it were easy. When my alarm goes off and I have to pull my creaking, aching 55 year old body out of bed and hobble to around to start my day, bot – do I wish it were easy.
I have learned, you just keep going, you just keep moving forward. And onward.

Victory does not come to those who stand still.

Life’s Battles

In my parent’s bathroom hung a copy of one of my dad’s favorite poems, You Can. I read it every time I ventured into their private space, I remember reading it over and over again, committing it to memory over the years. The last verse has gotten me out of bed, more than once.

Life’s battles don’t always go
To the stronger or faster wo/man.
But sooner or later the wo/man who wins,
Is the wo/man who thinks s/he can.

You Can

Some weeks, it’s just one day at a time. Some days, it’s just one step at a time. And some steps, it’s just one moment. When all you can do is find the next moment, that is enough.
And that’s all it takes.


HR Latte: UNLEASH 19 with the Incomparable China Gorman

HR Latte, episode #125 [16 minutes]

Rayanne Chats with China Gorman of UNLEASH 19

China Gorman at UNLEASHA little more about China Gorman:

Managing Director – America at UNLEASH
– Former CEO at Great Place to Work & CMG Group
– Former COO at SHRM
– Highly-sought after Board Advisor and Presenter
– She’s a “Players’ Coach”
– AND she’s just the BEST.

Rayanne & China discuss these points:

  • China’s Executive background that brought her to HR
  • What does it mean to be an “Iron Fist in a Velvet Glove“?
  • UNLEASH in Las Vegas on May 14 & 15
  • How UNLEASH is different from all the other HR and HR Technology Conferences
  • How UNLEASH is bringing actual HR Tech Buyers, Vendors, and Analysts together
  • What’s happening at UNLEASH in 2019:
    – Trust & Transparency
    – Digital Transformation
    – Atypical Workforce Models
    – Democratizing Data
    – Workplace Culture
    – The Bridge between Work & Technology
  • UNLEASH World in Paris OCT 22nd & 23rd, 2019

Rayanne has had the amazing opportunity to interview China 5 times over the last several years: she is the first to join the 5-Timer Club. 

You can reach China Gorman at china@unleashgroup.io or connect with him on LinkedIn.
Learn more about the incredible UNLEASH conferences here.

Today’s HR Latte is made possible by:

Aspen AnalyticsAspen Analytics – Using rich data and metrics, Aspen Analytics provides insight on why and how the largest global employers recruit, develop, promote, and retain their best talent. Using business analytics, we analyze and measure the entire employee life cycle to identify paths to success.Visit AspenAnalytics.io

Aspen Analytics will be at UNLEASH World. For more information, message rayanne@neverenough.media

Rayanne Thorn

Never Enough Media taps into what makes your company different and why your target market needs your product or service. We listen first. The power of truth and integrity in marketing has a direct impact on the bottom line. Your brand is the heartbeat of your company – what are you doing to keep it beating?


HR Latte: Inclusion of the DisABLED in Media with Film Producer Cory Reeder

HR Latte, episode #124 [33 minutes]

Rayanne Chats with Film Maker Cory Reeder – Writer, Director, Produce

Easter Seals Disability Film ChallengeA little more about Cory Reeder:
– Founder, Renaissance Man Productions
– Music Video Producer
– Los Angeles-based Screenplay Writer
– 5-time participant in the Easterseals Disability Film Challenge
– Advocate for Representation of People with Disabilities in the Media
– Focused on all forms of Inclusion

Rayanne & Cory discuss these points:

Can’t wait to talk with Cory Reeder again — thanks for sharing with us!

You can reach Cory at cory.rmp@gmail.com or connect with him on LinkedIn.
Check out CoryReeder.com or Renaissance Man Productions here.

ALSO – please watch the films produced for the 2019 Easterseals Disability Film Challenge

Easterseals Disability Film Challenge

Director Diana Elizabeth Jordan

Participants in the Film Shoot this year.
Director – Diana Elizabeth JordanCerebral Palsy
Lead Actress – Jennifer BeveansCerebral Palsy
Supporting Actor – Areceli AvilaDevelopmental Disability
Supporting Actor – Gitane NeilDown Syndrome
Supporting Actor – Zuely JohnsonCerebral Palsy
Supporting Actor – Patrick StoreyAutism
Supporting Actor – Delvin WilliamsDevelopmental Disability
Wardrobe – Katherine HegertyAutism

And SOOOO many others – big thanks to Easterseals for encouraging and supporting these opportunities.

Today’s HR Latte is made possible by:

Rayanne ThornNever Enough Media taps into what makes your company different and why your target market needs your product or service. We listen first. The power of truth and integrity in marketing has a direct impact on the bottom line. Your brand is the heartbeat of your company – what are you doing to keep it beating?


Change: Bark More, Wag Less

The Set-Up

Nearly twenty years ago, my young family checked into the Avi Resort and Casino outside of Laughlin, NV on the Colorado River. With four children – aged 2, 4, 10, and 12, one hotel room was not an option; we had reserved two adjoining rooms. After an afternoon on the beach, we were all settling into our respective rooms for the night when their father and I heard blood-curdling screams coming from the room next door, where our children should have been sleeping.

Breathless, I ran into their room to see what was causing all the commotion, but also prepared to put an end to the “nonsense” – whatever it was. Because, you know, “children.”

The Scene

All four were standing on the beds, talking all at once, some crying & red-faced, all terrified. As I looked about the room, I couldn’t discern what they were going on about. I was finally was able to get one of them to calm down long enough to tell me what had occurred. According to my second eldest – who had demanded my attention, there were little red bugs crawling up and all over the wall behind the headboards of their beds. But, I found no evidence of this. My children insisted that when the lights were turned off, the bugs started climbing up the wall and when the lights were turned on, the bugs  would run away.

I didn’t see anything that indicated there were bugs; I thought perhaps they had a little too much sun or a scary movie had had its way with their imagination. I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and test their theory. I turned the lights out and sat quietly, surrounded by the glow of the hotel room TV, which softly flickered in the background.

Sure enough, after a minute or two, hundreds of tiny red bugs started scurrying up the wall behind their beds. I did my own screaming and then, of course, moved all the kids into my room and called the front desk, insisting that our rooms be changed. Immediately.

My Disbelief

I had not believed because my initial investigation showed there was nothing to fear. But the squeaky wheels couldn’t help but be heard and the evidence proved that their LOUD noise was well-founded. Two new rooms later, a few ice cream cones, and my littles had settled down enough to sleep. It, now, is family legend and a story often remembered.

Wag More, Bark Less?

There was a car that used to park at the end of my street, a mini SUV, with a single sticker on its back window which simply states, “wag more bark less.” I saw it every morning when I walked my dog. It always bothered me.

bark more wag less

I disagree with the intended sentiment. The barkers in my life are the agents of change – not the idiots who mindlessly wag agreement with goofy, superficial happiness or uninformed agreement. Anything of substance requires barking now and then.

*I am glad to be a barker and to have raised barkers.

Don’t be afraid to bark.

Don’t be afraid to not wag. I am all about being happy, but I am also all about being seriously involved in the world around you. Sometimes, blind happiness isn’t part of a serious equation. Refuse quiet submission or unacceptable conditions.

Bark when needed, wag when it’s real.

HR, Job Search

HR Latte: “My New Job Hunt” with David Perry

HR Latte, episode #123 [28 minutes]

Rayanne Chats with David Perry, aka The Rogue Recruiter

My New Job HuntA little more about David Perry:
– Managing Partner, Perry-Martel International
– Economic Major
– Hiring Greatness – author
– Geurrilla Marketing for Job Hunters, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 – author
– Executive Recruiting for Dummies – author
– Named the Rogue Recruiter by the WSJ


Rayanne & David discuss these points:

  • The Success of Job Search Boot Camp
  • How My New Job Hunt was launched
  • How long SHOULD it take to get your next job
  • The step-by-step Modules & Learning Platform of My New Job Hunt
  • The New Normal: All Jobs are Temporary
  • Most job hunters will have a new job every 1.5 to 2 years now
  • Why now, since unemployment is so low?
  • People are NO LONGER STAYING in jobs they hate
  • Share the My New Job Hunt Program, and earn back your initial investment
  • Put America Back to Work tour
  • What is the Biggest Mistake Job Seekers Make Today?
  • What SHOULD Job Seekers be Doing today?
  • Be a Value Adder as an Employee
  • Solving the Turnover problem.
  • Let’s Start Solving our Own Problems at HOME.

Very Inspiring, David — thanks for being on HR Latte!

You can reach David Perry at dperry@perrymartel.com or connect with him on LinkedIn.
Check out MY NEW JOB HUNT here.

Today’s HR Latte is made possible by:

Rayanne ThornNever Enough Media taps into what makes your company different and why your target market needs your product or service. We listen first. The power of truth and integrity in marketing has a direct impact on the bottom line. Your brand is the heartbeat of your company – what are you doing to keep it beating?


HR Latte: AI-driven Talent Analytics from “Talentegy” for Recruiting & Talent Management

HR Latte, episode #122 [36 minutes]

Rayanne welcomes Dwaine Maltais, Co-founder & CEO at Talentegy

AI-Driven Talent AnalyticsA little more about Dwaine Maltais:

– HR/Recruiting Tech Entrepreneur
– Creator of SmartPost
– Launched Hodes iQ and other digital offerings for Bernard Hodes Group
– Driven to share his understanding of tech and to use it for the betterment of talent acquisition & talent management

Rayanne & Dwaine discuss these points:

  • The power and innovation of HR Tech
  • What is Talentegy?
  • HR departments are running too many systems / types of tech
  • Bottomline impacts of Poor experiences of Employees or Job Seekers
  • Can you automate the identification of underlying HR / Recruiting issues?
  • Dwaine’s Female Co-Founders: Shawna Berthold & Stephanie Ralston
  • The endless talk about improving Candidate Experience
  • Finally recognizing the mobile job seeker
  • Former drivers: automation & efficiency, managing people like a supply chain
  • Current driver that has been a missing piece – having the proper measures in place to support the need for change
  • The Shift of Job Search Control to job seekers, applicants, & candidates
  • Talentegy helps companies by giving them visibility of what their systems are doing, achieving, missing
  • How to gain a clear understanding of the necessary changes to HR and their processes
  • How to build a business case for purchasing a new system like Talentegy
  • What are the risks of not addressing “poor experiences” and their impact on business
  • Understanding the content that candidates are interested in and engaged with
  • Catching issues that cause application drop-off & thus, know how to improve
  • Real-time Feedback – does it have to be incentivized?
  • The impact of employer brand on consumer brand

Talentegy is a sophisticated technology, based on three simple principles: measure, alert, and plan.

You can reach Dwaine at dwaine.maltais@talentegy.com or connect on LinkedIn
You can also catch Talentegy team at HR Tech in Las Vegas, Sept 11-14 – catch them in the “Pitch Fest”

Today’s HR Latte is made possible by:

Talentegy: an AI-enhanced Talent Analytics Platform that optimizes Recruiting and Talent Management. We help companies continuously monitor Candidate and Employee experience.


HR Latte: How Efficiency will Affect Hiring with Visage.Jobs

Rayanne Chats Theo Rokos, Chief Revenue Officer at Visage.Jobs

Visage.jobsA little more about Theo Rokos:
– HR Tech Expert
– Founder & Former CEO at GreenJobInterview
– Marketing & Sales
– Incredible Revenue Ideologist
– Sourcing & Recruiting Technologist

Rayanne & Theo discuss these points:

  • Success and Acquisition of GreenJobInterview, by Montage
  • Discovering next steps following the acquisition
  • Sourcing: “Where do I find candidates?”
  • Visage.Jobs: How recruiters, crowdsourcing, and AI will have an impact
  • The Holy Grail: The Passive Candidate
  • Utilizing the Consumer Experience to improve the Candidate Experience
  • The Community Approach to job candidate sourcing
  • Solving the Recruiter Pain of sourcing of QUALITY candidates
  • Challenges that Visage.Jobs will face
  • Gen Z: “Nobody uses email.”
  • Expectations for the Future of Visage.Jobs
  • The HQQ Factor: Hire Quality Quickly
  • How Efficiency Affects Hiring

You can reach Theo at theo@visage.jobs or connect on LinkedIn – You can also catch Visage.jobs team at HR Tech in Las Vegas, Sept 11-14.

Today’s HR Latte is made possible by:

VisageVisage.Job: Automate your Candidate Pipeline & Outreach.
Visage enables recruiters to work on the things they love and fill more jobs.


HR Latte: Can Bias TRULY Be Removed from the Hiring Process?

Part 1: Melissa Dobbins and Her Quest to Remove Bias in Hiring
Founder and CEO of Career.Place

A little more about Melissa Dobbins:
-Career Technologist
-Understanding the problem is not enough
-She and Co-Founder Gabe Gurman created a radical approach to solving bias in hiring
-Career.Place introduces anonymity to the application process
-Her quest to level the playing field

Melissa joins Rayanne to discuss these points:

  • How Career.Place came about?
  • Her “obsessive need” to solve the problem of bias in hiring
  • On being a Female Tech CEO
  • “Always respect other people and what they bring to the table.”
  • Harnessing Diversity
  • Why Diversity is important
  • Removing Bias is not just something we do to just feel good
  • Removing Bias and Bringing in the right people keeps organizations healthy

You can reach Melissa Dobbins at mdobbins@career.place or connect with here on LinkedIn.

On Twitter

and @HRLatte

Today’s HR Latte is made possible by:

removing bias in the workplaceIntroducing a Talent Evaluation Solution like no other. Welcome to hiring reinvented: smart, efficient, accurate, meaningful. Welcome to career.place.

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Tom Peters: The Excellence Dividend: The Interview!

Best-selling business author and speaker Tom Peters joins us on the show today, to discuss his latest book, The Excellence Dividend.

Click here for the show transcript!

Discussion guide for my conversation with Tom Peters:

Hasn’t everything about doing good, quality work already been said by all authors and business gurus? Why was this book necessary?

Tom PetersSo, what is the Excellence Dividend, exactly?

One of the goals of the book is to discuss and understand the impact of technology on business, but more importantly, to remember what humans can (and always will) do better than a machine, correct?

You talk about EXCELLENCE. Do we ever truly arrive there? Or is the lifelong pursuit of excellence the true mission, the real point to the effort?

“Business IS the community.”

One of the most profound weaknesses of most people in business is their inability to LISTEN. With social media, technology, media, and all the noise, listening is even harder these days. We discuss at length how strength and influence comes with true listening.

In the book, there is an important discussion about joy, and that most people in their work are joyless. We discuss why joy matters, who is responsible for bringing joy to the workplace, and how being joyful inspires creativity and innovation.

Speaking of innovation, Tom and I have an important dialog about not only what innovation truly is, but how you do it. And while most of us overcomplicate, Tom explains how to do it successfully. And it’s just a matter of rolling up your sleeves and trying things.

To wrap the conversation, Tom shares advice on how to adopt the “Excellence Now” philosophy, and how to begin to embed the principles of his book into both our lives and our organizations. Not by sharing a memo, but by building this new culture one person at a time.

You can find Tom Peters’ book right here!

Who is Tom Peters?

Tom Peters is coauthor of In Search of Excellence—the book that changed the way the world does business, and often tagged as the best business book ever. Seventeen books and thirty-five years later, he’s still at the forefront of the “management guru industry” he single-handedly invented. What’s new? A lot. As CNN said, “While most business gurus milk the same mantra for all its worth, the one-man brand called Tom Peters is still reinventing himself.” His most recent effort is The Excellence Dividend: Meeting the Tech Tide with Work that Wows and Jobs that Last (Vintage, 2018). Tom’s bedrock belief: “Execution is strategy—it’s all about the people and the doing, not the talking and the theory.” In November 2017, Tom received the Thinkers50 Lifetime Achievement Award.



Kara Mignanelli and EBrandCon in San Diego

HR Latte welcomes Kara Mignanelli, Esq. 
SVP of People & General Counsel of GSMI, EBrandCon Event Director

EBrandConA little more about Kara Mignanelli:
-HR Compliance to ensure quality and professionalism
-Experience in litigation, compliance, social media, privacy, employment law, intellectual property, estate planning, corporate formation, and risk management.
-Created HR Compliance & Social Recruiting Strategies Conferences
-Created the Governance, Risk Management & Compliance Summit
EBrandCon, May 22-24 at Courtyard by Marriott Liberty Station in San Diego, CA

Kara joins Rayanne to discuss these points:

  • EBrandCon: Employer Branding Strategies Conference Origin & History of Growth
  • 3rd Annual Event in San Diego, CA at Liberty Station
  • Event Agenda
  • This event grew from sessions at the Recruiting Strategies Conference
  • Attendees can customize their learning experience
  • Understand the Need for a Strong Employer Brand
  • Salesforce, Magellan Health, American Airlines, ThermoFisher and so many more companies will be represented through the presenters
  • What Attendees will gain: Information, Education, Networking
  • Check out the Sponsors and there are still sponsorships available

You can reach Kara Mignanelli at china@unleashgroup.io or connect with here on LinkedIn.

On Twitter

@Kara Mignanelli
and @HRLatte

Today’s HR Latte is made possible by:

EBrandConEmployer Branding Strategies Conference assists practitioners in gaining a strong understanding of the impact of good employer branding.

Dovetail Software logoDovetail Software delivers help desk SaaS to enable reduction of administrative & support costs and diagnose & resolve complex HR problems to increase efficiency while improving support.