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Dwane Lay, “There’s Nobody Busier than the HR Practitioner”

Dwane Lay, “Customer Experience means the Whole Life Cycle of the Customer”

Dwane Lay, VP – Customer Experience – Dovetail Software

“I think that really everything after the sales process, you are building the relationship upfront, but it’s the management piece after that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. We hear a lot of people talk about their relationship with the vendors never gets better than right before they sign the contract. The whole, You’ll do anything to get me as a customer, why won’t you do anything to keep me as a customer? We try to make sure we do everything to make our customers happy.” – Dwane Lay

Check out this great interview and learn what’s on Dwane’s mind:

  • Customer Experience is a Partnership with the Client
  • Having HR Experience Makes a Difference in how you serve an HR Department
  • How being a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and Process Designer assists in his role
  • The Biggest Problem with HR Technology
  • HR Experience + Great Developers = Great HR Tech Product
  • Lean HR, eliminating waste to do your job better
  • Retooling HR by John Boudreau
  • Dwane writes about Planning for Long-Term HR System Success.
  • On Twitter: @DwaneLay

On Lean HR: “Lean Tools, generally speaking, they look at our business processes and how do eliminate waste, how do we get better at what we do, how do we get faster, how do we take care of our business operations with fewer resources applied to it – usually it’s just clearing out the nonsense. With Lean HR, it really started as a passion project for me to look at these tools that are available – that quite frankly, are not that complex, but you have to have someone teach you how to use them. We don’t do a good job in HR of teaching people Root Cause Analysis tools, Decision-Making Tools – we don’t tend to include that in the curriculum.” – Dwane Lay

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HR Latte: How HR Slows Innovation

Part 4: Guest Josh Berry in a new #KeyPointPodcast series discusses Lack of Speed and How HR can Slow Innovation
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HR Latte, episode 90

Series: When HR Kills Innovation Efforts

HR is a core piece of the innovation equation and can make or break your innovation efforts. Econic helps corporations map and execute innovation. After working with many corporations in many different industries, Josh Berry, Co-Founder of Econic has discovered some barriers to successful innovation that have their roots in HR.

In Part 4 of this series, Rayanne and Josh discuss how speed or lack of it can impact how innovation happens. HR is not always a quick-moving department, how can we move past this expected road block to get to the discovery of new ideas and innovation more quickly

Tune in as Josh discusses what he has discovered from his years of consulting and working with HR departments.

Discussion Points for this episode:

  • Human Resources is typically risk-averse and slow-moving — how can an HR dept move with alacrity?
  • Build, Measure, Learn Cycle (Eric Ries – Lean Start-Up)
  • Identifying the riskiest things, measure and move through new ideas
  • How HR can look at WHAT they can achieve instead of focusing on HOW.
  • What are the right performance measures for an innovative company?
  • Innovation Accounting: how to defend innovative initiatives when profitability takes longer
  • Quantifiable Innovati0n
  • Lean HR – applying the ideas of Lean Start-Up to HR (Dwane Lay)
  • How HR can slow down, if necessary
  • Speed is Key

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