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HR Latte: UNLEASH 19 with the Incomparable China Gorman

HR Latte, episode #125 [16 minutes]

Rayanne Chats with China Gorman of UNLEASH 19

China Gorman at UNLEASHA little more about China Gorman:

Managing Director – America at UNLEASH
– Former CEO at Great Place to Work & CMG Group
– Former COO at SHRM
– Highly-sought after Board Advisor and Presenter
– She’s a “Players’ Coach”
– AND she’s just the BEST.

Rayanne & China discuss these points:

  • China’s Executive background that brought her to HR
  • What does it mean to be an “Iron Fist in a Velvet Glove“?
  • UNLEASH in Las Vegas on May 14 & 15
  • How UNLEASH is different from all the other HR and HR Technology Conferences
  • How UNLEASH is bringing actual HR Tech Buyers, Vendors, and Analysts together
  • What’s happening at UNLEASH in 2019:
    – Trust & Transparency
    – Digital Transformation
    – Atypical Workforce Models
    – Democratizing Data
    – Workplace Culture
    – The Bridge between Work & Technology
  • UNLEASH World in Paris OCT 22nd & 23rd, 2019

Rayanne has had the amazing opportunity to interview China 5 times over the last several years: she is the first to join the 5-Timer Club. 

You can reach China Gorman at china@unleashgroup.io or connect with him on LinkedIn.
Learn more about the incredible UNLEASH conferences here.

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Aspen Analytics will be at UNLEASH World. For more information, message rayanne@neverenough.media

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HR Latte: UNLEASH with China Gorman

HR Latte welcomes China Gorman
Managing Director of UNLEASH America,  Speaker, Advisor, & Author.

UNLEASH 18A little more about China Gorman:
-Serves on a number of boards of directors (profit & non-profit)
-Affiliated as a Leader with the Future Talent Council
-UNLEASHGroup.io: 1st LIVE U.S. Event, May 15-16 at the Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas
-Former COO at SHRM
-Former CEO at Great Places to Work

China joins Rayanne to discuss these points:

  • UNLEASH America: 2 Full-Days, 7 different stages – the Future of Conferences
  • The Rebrand of HR Tech World to UNLEASH
  • Curated Attendees to this new conference: what does that mean?
  • Speakers for UNLEASH America
  • Expectations for Content that will be developed
  • UNLEASH Expo Hall
  • Start-Up Echo System
  • The Biggest Difference between THIS Conference and other HR Tech Conferences
  • WHY did China join UNLEASH

You can reach China Gorman at china@unleashgroup.io or connect with here on LinkedIn.

On Twitter

@China Gorman
and @HRLatte

Today’s HR Latte is made possible by:

UNLEASHUNLEASH Group (HR Tech World) is more than just business events; we’re here to change the world for the greater good of business. One mission: Unleash Your People!

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