Management Selection for Innovative Companies

Part 6: Guest Josh Berry in a new #KeyPointPodcast series discusses Management for Innovation
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HR Latte, episode 97

 When HR Kills Innovation Efforts

The right management for innovative companies is instrumental in achieving. Econic helps corporations map and execute innovation. After working with many corporations in many different industries, Josh Berry, Co-Founder of Econic has discovered some barriers to successful innovation that have their roots in HR.

In Part 6 of this series, Rayanne and Josh discuss how management selection can make a difference in organizational growth and innovation efforts. Getting the right leadership and management in place is fundamental company success.

Tune in as Josh discusses what he has discovered from his years of consulting and working with hiring and HR departments.

Discussion Points for this episode:

  • What a Calculated Risk Taker Looks Like
  • What Hinders Decision-Making
  • Capturing Strategy – understanding the long-term view
  • Are People Born with the Ability to Think Strategically?
  • Model Thinking and support materials to undertsand model thinking
  • Identifying those Who Are Collaboratove Leaders
  • Silo Smashing

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