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Jay Bailey: Build as you climb

Joined in studio with my New Business Mindset co-host Gareth Young and our guest, entrepreneur Jay Bailey.

Some key takeaways from our conversation with Jay Bailey:

Jay Bailey1. “Build a staircase. Make that your life’s purpose. Because long after you are gone, people can still climb up.”

2. “Build as you climb.”

3. “Find the balance between heart and head.”

4. “A lack of “exposure” is a cause for poverty and low self-esteem.”

5. “PhDs are good, but PhDOs are better.”

6. The how and why of developing your mantra.

7. “What are you passionate about?” And what to do if you don’t have an answer.

8. “Get into your zone, that state of higher consciousness. When you find your passion, you long to get into that state. And that’s when life becomes powerful.”

9. “Finding your true, authentic swing.”

10. Importance of slowing down. And by doing so, it becomes easier to identify the proper path.

11. People love to watch those in the zone, those with a true, authentic swing. Communities can be built around such people. But humanity also presents itself when someone like that fails. It humanizes them, and we then bond together to lift everyone up.

This interview was originally published at’s New Business Mindset, a show produced by intrepid.MEDIA.


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Todd Schnick

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