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HR Latte: Chip Luman – Digital Disruption at HireVue

Guest Chip Luman, COO & Co-Founder, Digital Disruption at HireVue
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HR Latte, episode 88

Series: Digital Disruption

HireVue kicks off its 3rd Annual User Conference Digital Disruption at HireVue today. In this Quick Hit Podcast, Chip Luman, COO and Co-Founder visits with Rayanne to discuss what’s happening in digital today, why not only Recruiting but also HR need to take notice and how HireVue is making a difference.

***HR Latte launches this new series to discuss how digital has changed the human side of our work, and how it will continue evolve.

HireVue will be LiveStreaming various Digital Disruption sessions throughout the conference, check out for more details and follow the hashtag #VueDD16 for details.

Discussion Points for this episode:

  • Chip gives his background in technology, data and gaming, He has grown up in tech!
  • Digital Disruption: The Changes we’ve Seen
  • Customer Appreciation: Talent Acquisition Leadership
  • How HireVue benefits Recruiters and what they have done to expand in human resources
  • Automating the process of hiring and talent management
  • Behavioral-Based interviewing: Insights, assessment
  • Using Math and Data to benefit HR
  • Users of HireVue, acquisition and management of talent
  • Expectations for 2016 and how they will help their customers win

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