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Bob Glazer: The past, present, and future of affiliate marketing

Joined in studio today by Bob Glazer, Founder and Managing Director of Acceleration Parters, Founder and Chairman of BrandCycle, and author of Performance Partnerships: The Checkered Past, Changing Present and Exciting Future of Affiliate Marketing.

Discussion guide from our conversation with Bob Glazer:

Bob Glazer1. A brief history of affiliate marketing: from the “wild west” inception of the industry to where we are today and how we got there.

2. His predictions for the future of affiliate marketing: what can we expect in the next 10 years?

3. Performance Partnerships™: what this is and how it differs from traditional affiliate marketing.

4. The critical rise and importance of the demand for transparency between brands and their affiliates.

5. The “Uberization” of marketing: what this means and what we can learn from brands like Uber and Airbnb, who are setting up their own in-house marketplaces for marketing partners.

6. The Fake News epidemic: an inside look at this “underbelly” of affiliate marketing and what marketing leaders need to know to make sure they aren’t hurting their brand’s reputation.

About Bob Glazer:

Robert Glazer is the founder and Managing Director of Acceleration Partners, and the founder and Chairman of BrandCycle. He is a serial entrepreneur with an exceptional track record and passion for growing revenue and profits for B2C-based companies. In demand by top brands and investment firms, he has extensive experience in the consumer, e-commerce, retail, online marketing, and ad-tech industries—partnering with brands such as adidas, ModCloth, Reebok, Target, Tiny Prints, Gymboree, eBay and Warby Parker.

Glazer is a regular contributor to numerous outlets, writing about performance marketing, strategy, and culture. He is the recipient of the Boston Business Journal “40 under 40” award, a two time SmartCEO Boston Future 50 award winner, and a finalist for the E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year in New England, among other accolades. A sought-after speaker, Glazer presents to global audiences, and serves as an advisor to high-growth businesses.

Glazer strongly believes in giving back. He serves on the Board of Directors for BUILD Boston, is a global leader in Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) and founded The Fifth Night charitable event ( He’s previously served on the boards of the Performance Marketing Association and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Mass Bay, and participated in the annual Rodman Ride for Kids for a dozen years, raising almost $100,000 for charity.


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Episode One – Introduction To The Realities of Leadership

Welcome to Episode One of The Realities of Leadership: The Introduction to the new series, The Realities of Leadership!

Discussion guide from The Realities of Leadership, Episode One:

1. You can never forget that leadership is a skilled profession, and you must develop those skills. But when you marry those skills to understanding the realities of leadership, this is where the rubber hits the road.

2. “It’s not just about fame, money, and power anymore.”

3. Leadership is a practice, and without the practice, the work, and putting in the time, you will never develop the skills. They do not magically appear with the position.

4. Old-school leadership (me) vs. contemporary leadership (others).

5. The right mindset is critical when it comes to dealing with the realities of leadership. They have to balance being the optimist and the force for long-term positive thinking with the realities that bad stuff is going to happen.

6. The six realities of leadership:
a. Leadership is a skilled profession.
b. Your fingerprints are on everything.
c. Are you enlightened enough to lead today?
d. There is some work that can ONLY be done by you and your leadership team.
e. Your people (talent) will leave you for good and bad reasons.
f. Your leadership journey never ends (for the really great leaders).

Click here to listen to all of Season Five!

Erica Peitler, intrepidNOW

About our host, Erica Peitler:

Erica is a Leadership Performance Coach who courageously partners with individuals, teams and organizations who want to realize their visions of success by transforming their leadership potential into visible, on the ground, breakthrough leadership performance!

With an engaging, provocative and straight forward approach, Erica inspires leaders to reach beyond their comfort level as they pursue becoming the performance based leaders they aspire to be in both their professional and personal life.

As a keynote speaker and author, Erica educates, entertains and enlightens audiences on leadership, transformational change and professional/personal growth initiatives.

Find Erica Peitler’s book here:

The essence of Leadership Rigor is creating change-ready leaders who can embrace challenges because they have the tools, models, and language to assess, structure, and facilitate aligned actions. They also have the mindset and emotional skills to lean into the change process despite its uncomfortable nature. By innovating on their preparedness first, these change-ready leaders are equipped to realize the growth in themselves and in their teams or organizations. Are you ready to take on your personal journey of Leadership Rigor?

Series co-host Todd Schnick is the Editor-In-Chief of intrepid.MEDIA and a media and content strategist. A former marketing strategist, lobbyist, and national political operative, Todd now lives and works in the Chicago Loop with his family. He is a writer, foodie, bibliophile, distance runner, and nearly full-time dog mom.

This series recorded LIVE from our Merchandise Mart studios in Chicago, Illinois! (Click on photo below for history of our studios!)


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Peter Sheahan: How to truly become an organization that matters

Joined on the show today by Peter Sheahan, Founder + Group CEO of the Karrikins Group, and author of Matter: Move Beyond The Competition, Create More Value, And Become The Obvious Choice.

Discussion guide from our conversation with Peter Sheaham:

Peter Sheahan1. What it means to be a company that matters.

2. We need people “vested in their success.”

3. How does Matter help readers respond to changes and disruption in their industry?

4. What are some ways you can handle the digital disruption and prepare for future growth?

5. How do you reorient organizations in the direction of the highest-valued contributions for their marketplace?

6. Value is a popular buzzword these days. What is your definition of value?

7. Describe the “edge of disruption” as defined in Matter.

8. Define “answer the call” as it is referenced in the book.

Find Peter Sheahan’s book here:

About Peter Sheahan:

Peter is known internationally for his innovative business thinking and thought leadership. With staff in more than 23 cities across 7 countries, he knows firsthand the challenges of growing a business in these rapidly-changing times.

Peter has advised leaders from companies as diverse as Apple, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, Hyundai, IBM, Pfizer, Wells Fargo, and Cardinal Health. He is the author of 7 books, including Flip, Generation Y, Making it Happen, and most recently-released, Matter: Move Beyond the Competition, Create More Value, and Become the Obvious Choice.

Peter has delivered more than 2,500 presentations to over 500,000 people in 20 different countries. He has been named one of the 25 most influential speakers in the world by the National Speakers Association and is the youngest person ever to be inducted into their industry Hall of Fame.


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Peggy Caruso: How to remove stress, identify saboteurs, unlock creativity, and relax!

Joined in studio by Peggy Caruso, an executive personal development coach, entrepreneur, and author of Revolutionize Your Corporate Life: A Simple Guide To Leadership, Balance, And Success In Your Business. Learn more about Peggy here!

Discussion guide from our conversation with Peggy Caruso:

Peggy Caruso1. How do we manage time and stress and how they are so interconnected to success and happiness in business and life.

2. How do we identify the saboteurs/habits that limit us from reaching our desired outcome?

3. What are the keys to unlocking creativity and success in your team – leading by example

4. What are the benefits of meditation, relaxation techniques and zero gravity sensory deprivation and how do they assist in business?

Find Peggy Caruso’s latest book here:

About Peggy Caruso:

Peggy is the Owner of Life Coaching and Beyond, LLC. She is a Certified Executive & Personal Development Coach, Advanced Relaxation Therapist, NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programming) Master Practitioner, author and 8-time entrepreneur with 24 years experience. Her ‘Revolutionize’ series has been approved as a registered trademark and inclusive of that is her latest release Revolutionize Your Corporate Life and are her previous books, Revolutionize Your Life and Revolutionize Your Child’s Life.  Throughout her professional career, she has helped not only countless professionals but numerous children rid themselves of depression, ADD, and ADHD medication. 


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Charles Hanna: Reaching a higher perspective, a higher power, and achieving a higher purpose!

Joined in studio today by Charles Hanna, author of Higher: Awaken to a More Fulfilling Life. Learn more about Charles Hanna here.

Discussion guide from our conversation with Charles Hanna:

Charles Hanna1. Self-centered vs. “taking care of the self.”

2. Science of the mind.

3. Change something in your essence.

4. What actually is Perception Disorder?

5. Signs you are suffering from Perception Disorder.

6. Do we all suffer from Perception Disorder in our lives?

7. The steps to overcome Perception Disorder.

8. How to reach a higher state: higher perspective, higher power, and a higher purpose!

9. Charles shares his personal journey through addiction, recovery, and his own battle with Perception Disorder.

Find Charles Hanna’s book here:

About Charles Hanna:

Charles is the Chairman, CEO, and founder of a third-party technology provider that he began in a basement in 1979 and built into a leading service consolidation company with offices across Canada. A devoted father of three children, Hanna is involved with a range of charities, including organizations that help with cancer treatment, Canadian artists, and displaced and handicapped people. He has a particular soft spot for children and animals, and contributes his personal time in various ways to youth shelter homes and animal shelter groups. He divides his time between Toronto and Los Angeles.


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Dan Manginelli: Why shaking it up is the only way to force positive change

Joined in studio today by Dan Manginelli, the founder/owner of The Manginelli Group, and author of Shake It Up: Big Dreams And Bold Choices On The Road To Success.

Discussion guide from our conversation with Dan Manginelli:

Dan Manginelli1. Change leads to stress and uncertainty.

2. Change happens to us, instead of us actually MAKING change happen.

3. “Built through adversity.”

4. Dan says that “success requires having a defined purpose and measurable benchmarks.” Why?

5. For those wanting to start a business or launch a new career, the idea can be scary. What are some of your key tips for getting the process of started to shaking things up up in your life?

6. Anyone is certain to face many challenges when making a big change in their lives. What’s your advice for remaining calm and maintaining your focus?

7. Many people lack the confidence to shake up their lives. What is the truth about setbacks and luck when we try to become more successful?

Find Dan Manginelli’s book here:

About Dan Manginelli:

Author of the books, Shake It Up: Bold Dreams and Big Choices on Your Road to Success and Wake Up: Jump Start the Life You Always Had in Mind. Dan is the founder/owner of the Manginelli Group, and coaches and mentors thousands of sales people, all over the country. As a speaker, he is sought after by many high-ranking companies to help their employees perform at new levels in all aspects of their lives. Dan has an ability to get people to do what they don’t want to do in order to help them accomplish their dreams. Dan’s positive approach to all situations inspires all to perform to higher levels in life. Always Enlightening people that no matter what you do, there is always a fun way to do it.


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Col. Lee Ellis: Discusses meaning, purpose, and leadership

Col. Lee Ellis has been on this show before, but now he joins Gareth and I on A New Business Mindset, and shares his thoughts on meaning, purpose, and leadership. You can learn more about Col. Ellis here.

Leon F. “Lee” Ellis is a retired United States Air Force Colonel, award-winning author, speaker, and consultant. He was a long-time POW during the Vietnam War.

Brief discussion guide:

1. There is no freedom without sacrifice (quoting from “The Lord of the Rings”) or honor without courage. We need to take on our full responsibility if we are to fully live our lives and become all we can be;

2. Leadership must begin with self-awareness. You must first know who you are and be willing to be vulnerable and authentic;

3. You can have everything taken away, but if you know who you are and hold true to your values and your self, you will retain all that matters and all that you need.

This interview was first published on Gareth Young’s A New Business Mindset.


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Jeb Blount: Leveraging a new psychology of selling (your Sales EQ)

Joined in studio by Jeb Blount, speaker, CEO of Sales Gravy, and author of many books including Sales EQ: How Ultra High Performers Leverage Sales-Specific Emotional Intelligence to Close the Complex Deal!

Discussion guide from our conversation with Jeb Blount:

Jeb Blount1. Understanding the new psychology of selling.

2. Buyers now have more power – and why this matters to you, the salesman.

3. What is emotional intelligence?

4. Successful salesmen have learned how to leverage this new psychology of selling, Sales EQ (emotional intelligence).

5. Top earners are aware that the experience of buying from them is far more important than products, prices, features, and solution.

6. Scripts and processes aren’t as important as you think, but you still must “control the sales conversation.”

7. How to increase your Sales EQ / the 15 Sales Specific Emotional Intelligence Markers.

Find Jeb Blount’s latest book here:

About Jeb Blount:

Jeb is the best-selling author of eight books including Sales EQ, Fanatical Prospecting, People Follow You, People Buy You. He is a Sales Acceleration specialist who helps organizations reach peak performance fast by optimizing talent, leveraging training to cultivate high-performance sales culture, developing leadership and coaching skills, and applying more effective organizational design. Through his companies – Sales Gravy, Channel EQ, and Innovate Knowledge – he advises many of the world’s leading organizations and their executives on the impact of emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills on sales, leadership, customer experience, channel development, and strategic account management.

Under Jeb’s leadership Sales Gravy has become a global leader in sales acceleration solutions including sales recruitment and staffing, sales on-boarding automation, custom sales training curriculum development and delivery, sales coaching, and online learning. As a business leader Jeb has more than 25 years of experience with Fortune 500, SMBs and start-ups. He has been named one of the top 50 Most Influential Sales and Marketing Leaders (Top Sales Magazine), a Top 30 Social Selling Influencer (Forbes), a Top 10 Sales Experts to Follow on Twitter (Evan Carmichael), a Top 100 Most Innovative Sales Blogger (iSEEIT), a Top 20 must read author (Yes Magazine & Huffington Post), and the most downloaded sales podcaster in iTunes history; among many other accolades. His flagship website,, is the most visited sales specific website on the planet.


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Ken Segall: On how to think simple in business

The man who named the iMac and developed Apple’s Think Different campaign, Ken Segall, joins us to discuss his latest book, Think Simple: How Smart Leaders Defeat Complexity. CLICK HERE to learn more about Ken Segall!

Discussion guide from our conversation with Ken Segall:

Ken Segall1. Ken argues that simplicity is the most important weapon in business.

2. The key lesson learned from his study of Steve Jobs and his obsession with simplicity.

3. “We are not just talking about a simple approach to marketing. You are talking about this being embedded in the culture, to the core.”

4. Can these lessons about simplicity apply to any type and size organization?

5. One of the important moves an organization can make is to develop a business strategy to defeat complexity before it can take root.

6. Simplicity leads to building lasting, profitable organizations. In common experience, this is hard, to NOT let things get more complex with the simple passage of time.

7. We had to ask Ken this: “Now that we are several years beyond Jobs’ passing, is Apple still keeping it simple?”

About Ken Segall:

Ken is the author of the New York Times Bestseller Insanely Simple. Working with Steve Jobs as ad agency creative director for twelve years spanning NeXT and Apple, he led the team behind Apple’s legendary Think different campaign, and set Apple down the i-way by naming the iMac. Segall has also served as agency global creative director for IBM, Intel, Dell, and BMW. He is an international speaker on the power of simplicity.

Find Ken Segall’s latest book here:

Ken Segall’s first best-selling book below. If you read only ONE book on Apple/Steve Jobs, make it this one:


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NBA Star Mark Blount On Achieving A Business Triple-Double!

Joined on the show today by Retired NBA Star (Boston Celtics and Miami Heat) and now businessman and entrepreneur, Mark Blount. You can learn more about what Mark is up to here.

Mark Blount1. What is a triple-double, and why is it so rare in the NBA?

2. Blount’s Business Triple Double concept involves succeeding in three main categories: Starting a Business (points), Growing a Business (rebounds), and Exiting a Business with profits (blocks).

3. Secrets for Short-Term Success: 5 Ways to Score Fast ‘Points’ In Business.

4. 7 Ways to Effectively ‘Block’ The Competition One Department at a Time.

5. Maintaining Marketplace ‘Possession’ Through ‘Rebounds.’

6. Importance of giving back to the community.

7. Mark discusses the transition from a professional athlete to an entrepreneur.

8. Mark also talks about the apparent advantages that come from being a well known NBA star. Or are they?

About Mark Blount:

Mark Blount’s long and successful career with the NBA is the story of a man with the determination to succeed where others might have picked up their ball and walked off the court. Mark played a total of six years with the Boston Celtics from 2000 to 2002 and again from 2003-2006, a season with the Denver Nuggets and the Minneapolis Timberwolves, and two seasons with the Miami Heat. After retiring from the NBA in 2010, Mark took the skills he learned on the court and brought them to the business world, beginning with the specialty food franchise and real estate industries, where he has curated tremendous entrepreneurial success.

Always ready to give back to the community, Mark brought his team building skills and compassion to several projects in South Florida. In 2012, Mark started an annual Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway, donating and distributing turkeys to low income families through church organizations in Palm Beach Gardens. Mark sponsors Project Full Press, a camp committed to the development, growth and health of today’s youth.. Seven Wellness is an organization Mark created to bring fitness and nutrition awareness to underprivileged kids, bringing in professional trainers to educate the children on exercise and specific movements.


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