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There’s No Skating By Perspective

Point of View

Here’s the thing, my point of view is just that, mine. And yours is yours. There is power in what each of us sees, feels, understands, or gains from any circumstance or situation. It is perspective which drives cynicism or belief, joy or pain, worth or lack of value. It is perspective which drives decisions and creates opinions.

The ultimate power of perspective is that it can be changed, it can be altered. I never used to think this – why? Because I was so opinionated that every corner of my so-called open-mind was closed. I refused to see the room for growth – that I could shift, that a challenge to my viewpoint might be good for me.


The individual who listens, learns, and implements what he learns is the one who has the power. Stephen Covey said, “To change ourselves effectively, we first have to change our perceptions.” The stubborn, all-knowing individual loses power by denying his ability to see things differently, or hear an alternative side to a story, or gain a new understanding. I freely admit that I can be stubborn. I also can happily attest that my self-described stubborn nature is also a wonderful survival tool.

I can also happily admit today that my desire to grow and change, to love and be loved, to help and be helped has overcome my stubborn nature on many occasions over the last several years. This has allowed me to achieve and receive all the above: knowledge, love, assistance.

Does Truth Change?

I soooo loved to roller skate when I was young. Nothing made me happier than doing twirls and skating backward on my driveway. I truly dreamed of being a professional roller skater, of having a cute skirt that flared and flowed as I twirled and turned. This was my truth, my future. It was utter happiness for an 8-year old girl. I failed to realize that the “real” sport was ice skating – there was no olympic gold medal for roller skating.

Update: A few years back, I was cast in a stage production, a musical which required me to roller skate, in front of an audience. I was so excited to strap on a pair of skates and show my stuff. I was bubbling over when I bought new skates; I could hardly wait. Good Lord. Out of practice 40+ year olds should not even try to twirl on skates. Luckily, I only crashed a couple times backstage – and never on stage or during a show. Sadly, I must admit that the nirvana of my youth was no longer found in a pair of roller skates.

It is all about perspective and the changing of it. Perspective and opinion are formed by knowledge and experience. Wisdom.

One man’s junk is another man’s treasure, a well-known idiom, exists for a reason: perspective.

Opportunity for change is real opportunity.

Knowledge is Power

Why limit one’s amount of knowledge by a declaration of “I know all I need to know” or believing only what you have always believed? Isn’t this why schools and institutions of higher learning exist? Isn’t this why Google exists? Why book clubs were founded and communities (online or not) created? – the expansion of the mind or one’s beliefs or practices. Seeds of learning. Flowers of potential. Growth and movement forward. Always forward, onward or upward.

This personal power we each hold is very real – opinion or perspective – and it cannot simply be turned up like a volume control button. It can only increase or change by opening a door, and another, and another. The turning of the knob is up to you and only you. What happens if you never turn that knob?

Understanding Chaos

I learned many years ago that chaos isn’t really chaos once it is understood. Perhaps learning individuals are just in a consistent state of chaos – looking for rule or order, searching for cosmos.

And until then, until that day when I actually find cosmos, I’ll thrive in the chaos by increasing my own super human power – my power of perspective.

It won’t be in roller skates.


Tearing Down Walls and Discovering The Path

The Challenge of Reality

Contemplation of my own life has kept me quiet for a while. 2016 was an interesting year of learning and change for this old girl. And as I look back on it, I am thankful.

I truly am thankful for the trials presented and the learning that has gone down. How else would I be who I am were it not for the life shifts and professional challenges I have faced? I understand that I am presented with exactly what I need. For if I am unable to do what I need to do to triumph or move past a particular challenge, then it is time for me to go around or leave behind what confronts and confounds me or has slipped through the side gate into my house or has stabbed me in the back.

You see, I am a realist and it is not in me to deny, decry, or lie about what is ahead of me or what my responsibility is in it all. I know. I know who I am, I know what I am. And while I could sit back and say, it’s all good. I know it is not.

Even as I type this, the latest gauntlet has been dropped before me – a chronic plumbing problem which has led to two clogged sinks, a leaking pipe, a cracked toilet and the need to replace a bathroom wall where mold has found a home. Damn. As my neighbor – who is also my plumber just said, “nothing is ever easy.” I have to believe that I may not thrive if it were – if it were easy.

The love

As I look back on my last year and the love that has been poured upon me by friends and family, I can only consider myself lucky. Truly lucky —

December was a time for family and friends and I was able to see and hug those most important to me during this month (most of them, anyway) and I happily said goodbye to 2016 and rang in the New Year with people I love dearly, who have stood by me in times of dread and heartache, who have lifted me and brushed the tears away, and presented me with incredible opportunities of professional growth. And I was lucky enough to witness a testament of marital love as some of my best friends sealed their love in a New Year’s Eve wedding celebration.

I would be lying if I said it was a breeze. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t thinking of my own broken heart and wedding just 19 months earlier. A doomed union, though I never would have guessed. But it was and guess what? Life goes on.

Those who know me, know I am incapable of lying or hiding such things. They are written in the lines on my face. And in the beats of my heart.

Which does beat on. 

The Path

There are those for whom I have built walls. Many of these walls were built upon misconceptions, lies that others tell, or circumstances I, myself, created. 2017 is my year to tear down those walls, deconstructing someone else’s reality to build my own, laying those stones and bricks under my feet which once were walls and creating the new path I choose to walk – a path of truth and light, a path of joy, of love and friendship. A path of well being. Some have asked why, why now and are you not tired of being hurt? Indeed, I am – but far worse than loving and trusting others is loving and trusting no one.

My path is before me. One I happily walk.


The Impact Continues: I was Drugged

The Impact

Last spring, I wrote about being drugged by a restaurant manager while on a business trip to Dallas. Coupled with the sudden and unexpected ending of my marriage, my recovery from that incident has been slow and methodical. I have taken the time I needed to “get well,” if you will. Multiple doctor’s visits, lab tests, dietary and exercise changes, long road trips (road therapy), as well as addressing a new-found mental stress has been imperative to my recovery.

I wish I could say that this was the first time I had been drugged, it was not – but it has become the one that mattered, the one that scared me, the one where I was almost raped. Perhaps it is because I am more aware of the danger, or because of my age, or simply because my three daughters are the ages where this could easily happen to one of them. Or maybe it is because I want my son to be supportive of women’s issues and really understand why women are afraid, concerned, and becoming more vocal.

I Will NOT Forget Being Drugged

I won’t forget. Mostly because I cannot, but also because there is now a calling before me – one I did not want. I really didn’t want it, but I cannot remove the impact, anymore than I can remove the incident. It has taken me a week to even write about the latest. Writing about my life is much like giving birth, for it is painful, it is embarrassing, it is necessary. The birthing is a required step.
So here it is.

The Latest

Last week, I attended a book release party for a local new author: his first book filled with his experiences and the photographs he had taken. A novice author, an amateur photographer putting his experiences of traveling 15,000 miles on 2,500 paddle outs on a Stand-Up Paddleboard. Right up my alley, I have a couple Stand-up Boards and I love the ocean as a swimmer, boogie boarder, diver, snorkeler, observer, and wannabe surfer. I wanted to be a part of this event. I purchased a book and had my book signed by the Author/ Paddle Boarder, Rich German and asked if he’d be a guest on my podcast after the new year. Earlier in the evening, I had watched my drink made, as has become my practice, and proceeded to make some new friends, refreshed current relationships, and ended my evening with an excitement about my expanded local network.

I proceeded to my car, where I sat for a moment and texted a friend. While I sat there, I watched, what appeared to be, two very drunk women try to walk up the inclined street where I was parked; they had just left the same event where I had been. One of them kept falling down. My selfish brain told me to ignore them and drive away – as I had plans for the evening. But my heart (and ultimately my head) would not let me. I got out of my car and walked over to where they were resting on someone else’s vehicle, one of them barely able to hold her head up. I asked if they were alright and if I could give them a ride home. I could not let them get in their own car or an Uber in their condition. I could not drive away because when I had been drugged, a good friend and extended network had taken care of me. I needed to help them – I needed to make sure they were safe.

They were rightfully leery

Who is this stranger wanting to help us? Why do you want to help us? Are you an Uber driver? Is this your job? and…, Are you an angel?

I told them my name several times, as they asked several times, I assured them I only wanted to make sure they made it home, safe and sound. One lived in the city immediately north of Laguna Beach (where we were) and the other lived in the city immediately south – no where near each other, and not close by, at all. Fearing they would pass out, I asked for their addresses first thing. After a very eventful drive, one that included one of them throwing up all over my front seat and the other accusing me of kidnapping several times, I was able to get them both to their front doors. The discovery of a missing wallet just before I dropped the second lady off prompted me to return to the restaurant where the event had been held and search everywhere for the lost wallet – leaving my name and phone number at the front desk; I even searched the street where I had found them, but to no avail.
I worried they would think I had stolen the wallet.

I didn’t care that there was throw up all over my car. I didn’t care that I’d had to talk the woman in the back seat down from her metaphorical ledge. I didn’t care that this had taken 1.5 hours out of my night. I only cared that they had made it home.

I couldn’t stop thinking about them and the next morning, I called the one whose phone number I had. She’d had a rough night, as had her friend and they had come to the conclusion that they had been drugged. They had been drugged. They think they had picked up a drink that had not belonged to them. I told her about my drugging and cautioned her to never turn her back on a drink or consume anything with which that was unfamiliar or a drink she had not seen poured.

Like me – like my incident, they were ladies out for an evening together – out to have fun, at a place they knew.

I sobbed.

I cried that night as I drove away from the restaurant following my search. I cried again when I hung up the phone the next morning. I do not want this to be my calling. But I don’t think I would have been able to sleep that night or lived with myself – period – had I driven away.

Taking Care of Each Other

We must. We need each other. Yes, there is evil out there – but there is more good than evil.

Be the good. 


Stephen Lynn: The Heart of HR Technology is Still the People

CEO Stephen Lynn, “We think about data security all day long.”

Stephen Lynn, Chief Executive Officer – Dovetail Software

Stephen Lynn
“We (at Dovetail) have people who live and breathe thinking about security. What we do at the core is storing, transmitting customer / employee data. So that is what we have to live and breathe and think about.” – Stephen Lynn

Check out this great interview and learn what’s on Stephen’s mind:

On Employee Happiness: “What drives development of HR software. The heart of it is still people. Most CEOs will tell you that their biggest assets are their people. But do they walk the talk – do their actions follow their words? You will find lots of companies, CEOs, and senior management who will talk about the wellness or the importance of their people or the happiness of their people. But how many actually concentrate or focus on that – and what is the impact of that? .” – Stephen Lynn

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Dwane Lay, “There’s Nobody Busier than the HR Practitioner”

Dwane Lay, “Customer Experience means the Whole Life Cycle of the Customer”

Dwane Lay, VP – Customer Experience – Dovetail Software

“I think that really everything after the sales process, you are building the relationship upfront, but it’s the management piece after that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. We hear a lot of people talk about their relationship with the vendors never gets better than right before they sign the contract. The whole, You’ll do anything to get me as a customer, why won’t you do anything to keep me as a customer? We try to make sure we do everything to make our customers happy.” – Dwane Lay

Check out this great interview and learn what’s on Dwane’s mind:

  • Customer Experience is a Partnership with the Client
  • Having HR Experience Makes a Difference in how you serve an HR Department
  • How being a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and Process Designer assists in his role
  • The Biggest Problem with HR Technology
  • HR Experience + Great Developers = Great HR Tech Product
  • Lean HR, eliminating waste to do your job better
  • Retooling HR by John Boudreau
  • Dwane writes about Planning for Long-Term HR System Success.
  • On Twitter: @DwaneLay

On Lean HR: “Lean Tools, generally speaking, they look at our business processes and how do eliminate waste, how do we get better at what we do, how do we get faster, how do we take care of our business operations with fewer resources applied to it – usually it’s just clearing out the nonsense. With Lean HR, it really started as a passion project for me to look at these tools that are available – that quite frankly, are not that complex, but you have to have someone teach you how to use them. We don’t do a good job in HR of teaching people Root Cause Analysis tools, Decision-Making Tools – we don’t tend to include that in the curriculum.” – Dwane Lay

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Kane Frisby, “By HR, For HR”

Kane Frisby, “Using HR Data to Serve the Whole Organization”

Kane Frisby, Chief Strategy Officer – Dovetail Software

“The majority of HR teams are probably running unhealthy and getting fit takes a bit of effort. We like to help HR departments run themselves and we keep our product up-to-date.” – Kane Frisby

Check out this great interview and learn what’s on Kane’s mind:

On Getting HR Fit: “If you are running on-premise software or are still using post-it notes and spread sheets, there are products out there for you, like Dovetail to help you get HR fit. You are probably running unfit software, take a good look out there.” – Kane Frisby

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Matt Yunker: Sales Ethics and Integrity

Matt Yunker, “Showing Efficiency and Savings”

Matt Yunker, Director of Sales with a Focus in Healthcare

“One of the reasons I came to Dovetail was the integrity of the organization. Ethics is a big deal to me. You just can’t lie to a customer. I see it over and over. And I  think ‘Lies by Omission’ is a big issue in sales, where you just don’ tell them and you let it go and you deal with it later. If I were the customer, how would like to be I like to be sold to? What would I like to know up front? I need to know so that I can make an educated decision.” – Matt Yunker

Check out this great interview and learn what’s on Matt’s mind:

  • Dovetail Employee Engagement Suite
  • Healthcare Focus
  • By HR, for HR
  • A Product that gives HR a voice at the table
  • Organizational Wellness
  • Sales Ethics and Integrity
  • Acting with Integrity can determine Organizational Wellness
  • Efficiency and Savings
  • Why Conference Attendance is important
  • Matt Writes about Sales Ethics

On Integrity: “Those that are operating at an unethical manner or with a lack of integrity? I think it comes from the top down – they are driven by the bottom line and it comes from senior leadership that says, ‘This is what I want to see and I don’t care how you get there.’  And, fortunately, our organization isn’t like that — one of the reasons why I came to Dovetail was I felt our senior leadership had integrity.” – Matt Yunker

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Russ Resslhuber: Change is a Constant in HR

Russ Resslhuber, “We can posit that change is constant!!”

Russ Resslhuber, Senior Sales Engineer with Dovetail Software

Russ, what is the best part of your job:

“It’s never the same — every prospect we meet with – though they may have the same fundamental needs, will have a different perspective on them, on what matters the most , on how they want to tackle solving them. And sometimes, you do encounter new problems you haven’t seen before, new questions that haven’t come up. And that is what keeps it interesting, it is never the same thing twice.  I’m also really pleased that the produce we have, Dovetail Employee Engagement Suite, designed as we like to point out ‘Designed HR, for HR‘ – really does address virtually all of the needs we encounter. We have very rarely come up with a situation where we not able to come up with a really good solution for a problem that was presented to us by a prospect.”

Check out this great interview and learn what’s on Russ’s mind:

  • Dovetail Employee Engagement Suite
  • Common Issues and Challenges for HR departments today
  • Updates and Upgrades to software today that benefits HR
  • The Advances of SaaS and HR Tech today
  • Impacting Organization wellness
  • “We can posit that change is a constant”
  • Data – Is HR doing enough with the data they collect?
  • Automation: keeping current with changes
  • “Measuring what’s of interest today”
  • The importance of configureable technology to the HR departments of today

On HR Case Management: “Fundamentally – what HR Case Management is about, is understanding what’s going on. It’s developing data that is precise and detailed about what kind of issues employees are encountering, what kind of questions are they asking, how are we responding to them. It really is fundamental in being able to even answer the question, how are we doing? what are we doing right? what are we doing wrong? where can we get the biggest bang for our buck?”  – Russ Resslhuber

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Ben Gotkin and the Launch of ATAP – The Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals

Guest Ben Gotkin joins Rayanne to chat about the launch of ATAP, The Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals

iHR logo

HR Latte, episode 101


Ben Gotkin, has been in recruiting his entire career – starting fresh out of college. For the past four years, has been a consultant and trainer with Recruiting Toolbox.  A volunteer at heart, Ben has seen the value of collaborative learning through out his career; Ben started RecruitDC in 2009 and it has grown a great deal.  He met Gerry Crispin, Lifelong Student of Recruiting, back in 2002. Gerry and Ben recently partnered to strategize, build, and launch The Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals.

The mission of ATAP to represent the interests of Talent Acquisition Professionals at every level worldwide.

“I said to Gerry, Hey — all the stuff we are doing locally is great, I’m really thrilled with what we’ve got off the ground in DC  but to really solve the issues, the challenges we face in this profession, what are some of the things we could potentially do to really impact that? – Ben Gotkin

How ATAP Came to Be:

  • The formation of working committees to define what the organization should be what the foundation should look like
  • A Review Board who vetted and debated what the committees came back with
  • Hard Launch in early 2017
  • Formation of  Board of Directors

Check out ATAPglobal.org

How to Join the Organization:

  • Establishing Board of Directors with a Passion for Talent Acquisition
  • Charter Membership
  • General Membership

It feels like recruiters have grown up, in a way…

“Agency recruiters have been around forever. Corporate Recruiting has really exploded within the last 20 years. Specialities within the recruiting profession have started to emerge in the past dozen years or so: sourcers,  employment branding specialists, outsourced organization: RPOs. In a lot of ways, we are in our teenage years, in terms of where the profession is going. All of this has happened by necessity.” – Ben Gotkin

Tune in to find about what’s going on with the soft launch of the Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals and the future of the organization

The Future of ATAP

  • Ethics & Advocacy
  • Education – building a common body of knowledge
  • Building Standards with Common Training
  • Organizational Growth

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Dan Erickson: Company Culture DNA

Dan Erickson, “The eHarmony of Jobs is actually eHarmony!”

Dan Erickson, Vice President of Elevated Careers by eHarmony. Elevated Careers was created to match job seekers / candidates with employers based on the three vital components of compatibility: competency, core work values, and personality fit with hiring manager.

“It’s all about cutting back on that regrettable turnover, finding the quality candidates and job seekers that will fit in with your culture, based on engagement – those who will have that emotional and meaningful connection to their work and to your company – so it’s not just about happiness, necessarily, it’s engagement – it’s about finding meaning in your job and your company.” 

Check out this great interview and learn what’s on Dan’s mind:

  • Measuring Engagement at Work
  • Redefining “Work is Work”
  • The shift in how we think about work
  • The Evolution of Culture
  • 70% of US Workers are actively NOT engaged in their work
  • Wellness – Organizational and Individual
  • HR & Recruiting: Become a Profit Center instead of a Cost Center
  • Elevated Careers: Creating a Company Culture DNA

On Engagement: “Engagement at work effects everything at a company, not just the working relationships, but right down to the bottom line. Studies show that companies with engage employees outperform those without by over 202% – plus a 35% swing to the stock price of public companies – it effects the bottom line, it effects the actual productivity.”  – Dan Erickson

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